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Teeth Whitening In McAllen, TX By Dr Roxana Lopez

Get Rid From your Discolored Teeth Today
Get Up-to 3-4 shades bright teeth in one visit.

If you dream of having a dazzling white smile every single day, then the teeth whitening procedure at Sooth Dental, TX can definitely turn this into a reality. Our teeth whitening treatment helps remove stains and yellow patches from the surface of your teeth and helps you achieve the smile that you have dreamt all your life.

At Sooth Dental, under the guidance of Dr Roxana Lopez, we are performing the teeth whitening treatment on patients who are a victim of yellow colored teeth or are having dark patches on the surface. So if you are a victim of odd looking teeth and a resident of McAllen, TX, then visit our dental office without wasting any time. We bet our teeth whitening procedure will help you to regain your confidence.

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How Can Teeth Whitening Services Help You?

You must be wondering how you can get a smile like that of the Hollywood celebrities. Well, the truth is that teeth whitening procedure can help you to some extent. You should understand that teeth often get stained if you consume excess coffee, alcohol, and other dark-colored food items. Age is yet another factor responsible for mitigating the shine of the teeth. However, the good news is that the teeth whitening procedure at our dental office can help whiten teeth even in such intense conditions.

A regular buildup of plaque and tartar stains teeth to a considerable extent. At Sooth Dental, our expert dentist has the skill to guide you make your teeth look white even in such a condition. You will not only get milky white teeth but will also face no hesitation in smiling and talking whenever you feel. In this way, you will be able to enjoy life to its fullest.

What Are Steps Followed During Teeth Whitening Procedure?

At Sooth Dental, we never perform the teeth whitening procedure in the first appointment. Rather, we conduct a thorough dental checkup before taking the first step. For example, if you are suffering from tooth decay, we will always treat the cavities first. And if you are suffering from receding gums, then you might suffer from teeth sensitivity. Our highly-qualified dentist, Dr Roxana Lopez never makes such a mistake. The teeth whitening treatment will be performed only if we see that the gums have receded properly.

The teeth whitening procedure performed at our dental office is hassle-free and doesn’t involve many complications. It takes just an hour or two to get the procedure completed. After the completion of the process, it will improve the glow of your teeth by at least 4-5 times. However, our dentist may ask you to visit our dental office for 5-6 times for long-lasting results.

Here is the step by step procedure:

  • In the first appointment, we capture the image of the teeth. This helps us decide the type of whitening procedure that will be suitable for you. It also helps us to track the progress.
  • In the next step, we try to understand the reason behind the staining of the teeth. This helps us to determine the route map.
  • In the third step, we clean the teeth and remove the bacteria, food, and other substances responsible for staining of the teeth.
  • In the final step, we start the teeth whitening procedure to make your teeth look as white as the celebrities.
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How Can Teeth Whitening Treatment Help You?

Patients in McAllen, TX often wonder why they should go for teeth whitening at all. At Sooth Dental, TX, we prefer the teeth whitening procedure for the following reasons –

  • It boosts confidence and self-confidence.
  • It opposes the effect of staining and yellowing.
  • It improves the shine of the teeth.
  • It creates a positive impression on the onlookers.

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

The durability of the teeth whitening procedure is directly proportional to how well you maintain your teeth. If you don’t consume alcohol, tea, coffee, curry, and berries frequently, and maintain a healthy oral routine, then the sparkle of your teeth can last up to three years.

Why Visit Sooth Dental For Teeth Whitening Treatment?

At Sooth Dental, we have been performing the teeth whitening procedure on patients residing in and around McAllen, TX under the guidance of Dr Roxana Lopez for quite some time now. Our highly-skilled staff works day in and day out to satisfy each and every need of the patients. And in this quest, we make sure you don’t get any chance to complain.

Speaking of expertise, we can assure that we are one of the best dental care providers in and around McAllen, TX. Our skilled cosmetic dentist Dr Roxana Lopez knows how to perform the teeth whitening procedure on patients having the most stubborn stains on their teeth.

Our teeth whitening cost is yet another reason behind our growing popularity as one of the best dental care providers in cosmetic dentistry. We always make sure to provide affordable teeth whitening treatment to each of our patients.

Therefore, if are looking forward to booking an appointment with us for teeth whitening, then dial our number – 956-627-0525 today! You can also visit us directly at 4501 W Expy 83, #10, McAllen, TX 78503, USA if you really want to look nice and appealing. We assure you that our experienced dentist in McAllen, TX will make your teeth look dazzling white.

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