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Dr. Roxana Lopez – Your Family Dentist In McAllen, TX

Whether you just need a deep cleaning or a simple makeover, you can trust us blindfolded. At Sooth Dental, we have established ourselves as a full-fledged family dental office catering to the needs of patients of all age groups.

The only goal of our dental team is to help patients maintain a proper oral hygiene and also to establish ourselves as the best dentist in McAllen. Visit us with your family and kid, and we assure you to get it treated it with great care and compassion.

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Family-Friendly Dentistry for Advanced Treatments

Some major reasons why we can vouch that we are one of the best family dentists in McAllen are:

  • Highly Experienced and Dedicated Team
  • Convenient Payment Methods
  • Easy Appointment Scheduling
  • Feature Loaded Dental Office
  • Up-to-Date Tools and Equipment

Our main USP lies in the fact that we serve patients of all age groups and feel more than happy to create a customized dental plan for each of the patients. We can assure you guaranteed results real quick. All you have to do is, get in touch with our dental team by visiting our dental office.

Why Can We Vouch For Our Services?

At Sooth Dental, we are a team of a highly-experienced dentist having the knowledge, as well as skill, to take care of each of your family members. To put it simply, we are a complete dental facility providing dental services to suit all your family needs under one roof.

In our quest to provide quality dental care to each of our patients, we always keep ourselves updated and use the latest tools and equipment. The only goal of our treatment was, is, and always will be, to cater to each of the needs of the patients by causing minimum pain.

We feel proud to provide complete dental care to you and your loved ones in the following fields of dentistry:

  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Crown and Bridge Treatment
  • Orthodontics Treatment
  • Pediatric Dental Care
  • Restorative Dentistry
  • Emergency Dental Care
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What Do We Do To Keep Your Family Happy?

At Sooth Dental, we provide a plethora of services to keep you and your family happy and contented. Here are some of our core areas of expertise:

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

A wisdom tooth can be a real asset to the mouth if they erupt in a proper manner. Otherwise, it can be quite problematic. A misaligned wisdom tooth can not only cause trouble to the gum and root underneath but can also affect the adjacent teeth. This is when extracting the affected wisdom tooth becomes necessary.

Our expert dentist, Dr. Roxana Lopez, has years of experience in wisdom tooth extraction and performs the procedure with the utmost precision. We bet you won’t experience pain of any sort.

man sitting on a park bench, smiling
Root Cleaning

Root cleaning is also known as professional cleaning. An extensive root cleaning from our highly-trained dental team can not only help you avoid dental cavities but can also help you bypass other related dental disorders in the long run.

Halitosis Treatment

Halitosis is the medical term for ‘bad breath’. It is a very serious dental disorder and must be dealt with by an experienced dentist immediately. If left untreated, it can hamper your social, as well as, professional image.

At our dental office, we try to diagnose the factors that are leading to such a situation. For example, improper brushing techniques, irregular flossing, gum disease, tooth decay, and ill-fitting dentures. Whatever the reason is, our lead dentist, Dr. Roxana Lopez will be able to handle all.

Sooth Dental – A One-Stop Solution For All Dental Needs.

Getting your teeth checked along with your family at periodic intervals is of utmost necessity if you want to lead a happy life. It can not only help you avoid tooth loss but can also prevent you from suffering grave dental issues.

At Sooth Dental, under the guidance of Dr. Roxana Lopez, we have committed ourselves in treating you and your family members. Get in touch with us immediately if you are a resident of McAllen, Texas and looking for skilled dentist McAllen, TX. We assure you to take care of your family’s oral health with great care and dedication.

Give us a call on 956-627-0525 or visit us directly at 4501 West Expressway 83, #10 McAllen , TX 78503, USA if you are thinking “who is the best dentist near me”. We promise we will provide you with top-notch McAllen dental care using the latest technology and equipment.

Schedule an Appointment at Sooth Dental!