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Dental Implants in McAllen, TX

If you have lost one or more than one tooth due to infection, tooth damage, or infection, then its time to put an end to your worry! High-quality dental implants from the dental office of Sooth Dental can be the perfect replacement to missing tooth. At our dental office, we surgically place it into your jawbone and restore your chewing ability to a considerable extent. The best thing about dental implant is that it doesn’t need support from other teeth like that of dental dentures.

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Dental Implants Can Replace Missing Teeth

At Sooth Dental, under the guidance of Dr Roxana Lopez, we are committed to providing high-quality dental implants to patients residing all over McAllen so that they don’t face any problem while chewing their favorite dishes. Thus if you are missing out on one or more than tooth, you can definitely visit us for getting it treated with quality dental implants.

Some major reasons why prefer using dental implants on patients with missing teeth are as follows:

  • Boosts confidence
  • Provides a proper structure and shape to the jaw
  • Enhances chewing ability
  • Restores the biting power of the teeth
  • Helps maintain the alignment of the jaw
  • Recovers the speech
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What Is The Dental Implant Procedure?

The dental implant procedure is extremely easy and simple. At our dental office, it involves replacing the root of the natural tooth with dental implants that look and functions just like a natural root. The first step involves removing the gum tissues and exposing the bone. This helps us to drill holes in the bone where we think the implants would fit the best. We then carefully place the dental implant into the hole.

The metal posts of the dental implants serve as the root of the teeth. At the time of the surgery, we make sure to place it deep into the bone. In some cases, we make use of temporary denture to improve the appearance of the smile of the patients. However, the patients will face no trouble in removing it for cleaning or at time of going to bed.

What Are The Types Of Dental Implants?

At our dental office, dental implants are available in many different shapes and sizes. We always judge the needs of the patients first before prescribing the one that is best suited for them. We mainly prescribe the following types of dental implants –

At Sooth Dental, we mainly use two major types of dental implants – Endosteal and Subperiosteal. Before prescribing, we thoroughly check the patients and judge their needs.

  • Endosteal Implants – Endosteal dental implants are the most common dental implant that we prescribe for our patients. They look like a screw and are made up of titanium. During dental implant surgery, we insert it into the jawbone for the purpose of improving the chewing ability of the patients.
  • Subperiosteal Implants –Subperiosteal dental implants compose metal frameworks attached to the gum tissue above the jawbone. The small metal posts of the subperiosteal dental implants protrude out from the jawbone and provide a strong framework to patients who lack a healthy jawbone.

What Are Some Of The Core Benefits Of Dental Implants?

The most exciting thing about dental implants is that the dental implant procedure has more than a 90% success rate. Some major benefits of this procedure are as follows:

  • Functions Like Natural Teeth – This is probably the main reason why dental implants are so popular. Quality dental implants restore full chewing potential of the teeth. You will not face any problem even while chewing fibrous food items.
  • Excellent Alternative To Missing Tooth –Dental implants are made up of titanium. So, they easily fit into the jawbone. Also, they are bio-compatible. Thus, there are no chances of it being rejected by the body.
  • Prevents Bone Loss – A loss of tooth would result in the formation of an empty space in the jawbone. And if this space is not filled up as quickly as possible, the jawbone will constantly disintegrate. Dental implants help fill up space and prevent bone loss.
  • Keeps The Adjacent Teeth In Position – The gap due to missing tooth can push the adjacent teeth to drift towards the gap. This pulls the teeth out of the position and reduces the biting power of the teeth. A poor bite again can lead to issues with the TMJ. Dental implants can help you avoid all such dental conditions.
  • Protects The Teeth From Gum Infection – The space between a missing tooth acts as a breeding ground for food and bacteria. This can lead to gum infection in the future. Dental implants help seal those gaps and prevent gum infections to a considerable extent.

Visit Sooth Dental Today For Quality Dental Implants In McAllen, TX!

If you are one among those miserable souls missing out on one or more than one tooth, then we can definitely help you out. At Sooth Dental, we are treating patients with missing tooth all over McAllen, TX. Our skill and expertise is our USP, and our lead dentist Dr Roxana Lopez has made it possible to achieve our dream of emerging as one of the top dental care providers in the city.

Speaking of the experience of our dental team, they all are involved in the industry for more than a decade and are helping patients achieve beautiful smiles in a very short span of time. Moreover, they are adept at understanding the requirements of the patients and leave no stones unturned in meeting each of their requirements.

Therefore, if you are looking for the best dentist in McAllen, TX who can treat tooth loss in a short span of time, then get in touch with us immediately. Dial our number – 956-627-0525 to book an appointment with us or visit us directly at 4501 W Expy 83, #10, McAllen, TX 78503, USA if you are missing out the best gift of God. We assure you that our dental team will provide you with top-notch dental implants.

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