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Emergency Dentist In McAllen, TX By Sooth Dental

Are You Resident Of McAllen TX? Call Us Today At 956-627-0525.

A dental emergency is a critical dental situation that should be dealt with by an expert emergency dentist as soon as possible. In case of a dental emergency, patients suffer from intense pain and worry, and face problem in performing even the daily activities of life. This even includes walking and speaking.

A dental emergency often leads to serious dental issues, including tooth loss if not treated on time. A recent study conducted by the American Dental Association states that there are many situations that result in a dental emergency. At the dental office of Sooth Dental, we are skilled at handling almost every kind of dental emergency.

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Common Dental Emergencies

Some common cases which we very frequently witness in our dental office are as follows:

  • Knocked-Out Tooth
  • Loose Tooth
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Chipped, cracked or fractured teeth
  • Injury in the tissues or severe pain in the jaws
  • Discomfort with temporary restorations
  • Severe toothaches
  • Objects trapped between the teeth
  • Loss of dental filling
  • Loss of crown
  • Damaged braces and wires
  • Loose brackets and bands
  • Severe gum infections

Dental emergencies can occur anytime, anywhere. If you ever feel you are a victim of any one of the above-mentioned situations, then we, at Sooth Dental can definitely help you out. Our lead dentist Roxana Lopez have immense expertise in dealing with all emergency situations and have established her dental office as a one-stop solution for every kind of emergency treatment. We serve patients all over McAllen, TX and always try to cater to each of their needs.

Speaking of our dental team, they are so dedicated that they not only help you achieve a happy smile but also try to make your family members happy. Make an appointment with us if you are looking for an experienced dentist who provides high top-class dental care to patients in a homely ambience. Our main USP lies in the fact that we always provide individual care and attention to the patients using cutting-edge technologies.

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Emergency Dental Care

Our urgent dental team always put their heart and soul to provide the best quality emergency care in patients all over McAllen, TX. They also enlighten the patients with the dental procedure upfront so that they can always take an informed decision regarding their oral health.

Our highly trained dentist, Dr Roxana Lopez, is aware of all the latest technologies used in treating dental emergencies and is available to treat emergency situations even during a same-day appointment. Visit Sooth Dental if you are seeking emergency dental care for overcoming every kind of emergency situation on your teeth and mouth.

As already mentioned, dental emergencies can even lead to tooth loss. Thus, you should waste no time in visiting an emergency dentist. It hardly matters what kind of emergency dental care you are looking for, Sooth Dental has a solution to every problem. Dr. Roxana Lopez and her entire team are highly knowledgeable and are always there to help their patients overcome pain and worry. As one of the reputed dental care providers in McAllen, TX, we are committed to providing a mind-soothing experience to patients every time they visit us.

Convenient And Flexible Office Hours For Emergency Dental Needs

Most of the dental offices in McAllen and its surrounding areas provide emergency dental care during normal office hours. But we, at Sooth Dental, never consider time as a parameter for providing quality dental care treatment. We provide emergency dental care to patients even at odd hours of the day. You can contact us whenever you want.

At Sooth Dental, we understand how difficult it can be for you to visit a dentist amidst a busy schedule. It is applicable even in case of a dental emergency. But at Sooth Dental, you can choose your convenient time slot and get your emergency tooth condition treated. Thus, you will not have to worry about your busy work schedule while availing emergency dental services from us.

Same Day, 24 Hour Emergency Dental Care During Dental Emergencies

If you are suffering from unbearable pain and not understanding how you can overcome it, then make sure to visit to visit us without wasting much time. Our main USP lies in the fact that we provide 24-hour dental care to patients if we see they are a victim of any kind of dental emergency. We guarantee that our same day dentist is skilled enough to address every problem with care and precision.

The best thing about our dental team is that they are friendly, as well as, experienced. They address each of the queries of the patients with care and always make sure that they are getting the best treatment from their end. To put it simply, the only goal of our dental team is to bring back the lost smile on our patient’s face. And we leave no stones unturned in achieving that.

Dental Emergency? Schedule An Appointment At Sooth Dental Today!

Visiting an emergency dentist in McAllen, TX is the best thing to do if you turn out to be a victim of emergency dental conditions. At Sooth Dental, we feel proud of our experienced team providing top-notch emergency dental care to patients all over McAllen. We can vouch for our quality of services and can bet that we are the best solution if you ever think “who is the most proficient emergency dentist near me”.

Our dentists always treat the patients in a relaxed and convenient environment. Each of our team members is skilled and have knowledge even in the intricate fields of emergency dentistry. Under the supervision of our lead dentist Dr Roxana Lopez, we have earned accolades and positive reviews from most of our patients. None felt dissatisfied about the quality of the services we provide.

You can dial our number 956-627-0525 to book an appointment with us. You can also visit us directly at 4501 W Expy 83, #10, McAllen, TX 78503, USA, in case of any dental emergency. We assure you that our walk-in emergency dentist will treat you with great care and compassion.

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