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When vested with the responsibility of upbringing a child, the baby’s overall health becomes your primary concern. This involves the kid’s oral health too. While finding a solution to this, all you have in mind is ‘ Who is the best dentist near me’? You try to seek the best expert advice in order to know all about the daily oral hygiene habits that you should teach your baby from the very start of his or her infant years!

Teeth care started in those early years

  • Get your child into the habit of brushing as soon as the very first tooth appears. The front teeth in the upper and lower jaw usually appear first. Get a soft-bristled toothbrush to rub them very gently.
  • Try feeding him or her using a cup, after 6 months of age. Bottle-use should be eliminated more or less by the age of 1. This keeps the baby’s teeth setting from getting damaged.
  • By the age of 3, the baby has a complete set of 20 primary teeth. The kid should be able to brush regularly all alone, without your help.
  • Before attaining the age of 7, a kid should know to concentrate more on the chewing surface of the back teeth – the site where cavities tend to develop first!
  • Sealants should be placed when your child’s first set of permanent molars appear. This protects the chewing surface of the molars from decay-causing bacteria.
  • By 12 or 13 a child gets the second set permanent molars too. In fact, he or she has 28 out of the 32 permanent teeth already. Careful use of sealants would deliver better protection to the molars.

Orthodontic evaluation should start by the age of 7

According to the American Dental Association (ADA), if any sort of misalignment or gaps in the teeth is noticed or there exists any with the occlusion of your child’s dental outlay, orthodontic treatment may be applied to that kid as soon as he or she attains the age of 7!

Maloccusions may be broadly classified among the following four:
  1. Bitting issues
  2. Teeth spacing
  3. Teeth overcrowding
  4. Misplaced mid-line
Biting issues faced by your child

When the upper and then lower jaw are not in line with each other, biting problems arise. Technically, they are termed as overbite, under-bite, or cross-bite. When the upper jaw lies too further away from the lower jaw (in rest position) it is known as overbite.

Similarly, when the lower jaw crosses past the upper jaw (while in rest position) and therefore seems to ride above the upper jaw, it is termed as under-bite. However, under-bites are less common in children than overbites. Children are more commonly noticed with a protruding upper jaw than the lower one.

Other issues commonly faced by kids

Apart from biting irregularities, children are affected with problems like teeth-spacing, overcrowded teeth and misplaced mid-line. Gaps and unnecessary spacing between teeth due to missing teeth or inherently faulty alignment of the teeth, are very common in kids. A visit to the pediatric dentist, commonly leaves you with a recommendation of braces for your child. Children enjoy the opportunity to get themselves colorful braces too!

Misplaced mid-line is an issue where, the mid-line of the upper front tooth does not match with the mid-line of the lower front tooth. All the concerns related to a child’s dental structure may be inherent or due to any accident. But most commonly, the problems arise due to the habit of thumb-sucking.

The age that deals into replacement of primary teeth with permanent teeth, that is the time of your child’s pre-teens (before entering the age of 12), calls for special parental attention and care, as far as securing a beautiful and healthy smile for your child is concerned! At FLOSS – McAllen, we have incorporated something special for your kid. We are providing a kid’s dental exam at $39! so the next time you are googling ‘dentist near me’ to take your child to the best dentist in this area, we are the best option you can safely click upon.

Visit us for your kid’s oral health consultation.